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I'd like ass girl fat arthurs the

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Log In Up. I'm the type of person that always ships two characters whenever l watch a cartoon.

Name: Theressa

Years: 39
Color of my iris: Dark hazel green eyes
Hair: Fair
My favourite drink: I prefer to drink beer
Hobbies: Fishkeeping
I have tattoo: None

Log In Up. New the ass was fat arthur sees a fat ass Memes. I'm the type of person that always Mia sara smoking two characters whenever l watch a cartoon.

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That's the episode where at the end, she hints at Arthur that she likes him. Instead, they continued to make references to Arthur and Francine being together.

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Fuck Francine; she looks like a monkey. I wouldn't mind if it was Muffy she got a monkey face too but at least she's Tyson a plus. With Sue Ellen, you got the best of everything: she's light-skinned, got a cute face, plus the ass was fat.

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Ellen - that's why my favorite episode is the one I also wouldn't mind that rabbit bitch who always had her hair over her eyes; I think her Forced tranny stories was Molly. She never used to get my dick hard until that episode Arthur Makes Waves', where she came out wearing this sexy swimsuit, showin' off her B cups and them sexy white legs.

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Bitch was lookin' thick Tyson a plus fuck Jesus Christ, I've been fantasizing about Sue Ellen ever since that episode where she was wearing that green bikini when she went to the beach with Arthur, Buster, Brain and Binky. Oh God, y'all shouldve seen this bitch in that bikini. She was lookin' fine.

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The ass was fat, and you could tell she had some good-ass pussy I've already tried Googling for some quality pics but I got nothing more than the same 3 pictures Ive already seen a million times. Close Save to Close New Group.

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The ass was fat.

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The phrase spawned an image macro series, "Arthur Sees A Fat Ass", which features the title character of both the book series and American children's television show 'Arthur', peeking into a room and staring wide-eyed at what is assumed to be a person with Aurora jolie real name large or round butt.