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Filipine fetish theft attribute for bites

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Name: Fredia

Years old: 41
Nationality: Ecuadorian
I like: I love gentleman
Color of my hair: Blond
Languages: French
What is my figure type: My figure type is quite fat
What I like to drink: I like to drink cider
In my spare time I love: Shopping
Smoker: No

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B Well-Known Member. Jul 13, 3, This is a game I had been working on for the past three months. It's my first project done in Twine Dick pic to send to girl the gameplay elements are all pretty basic.

It's an underrepresented fetish on the internet, imo, and I think it's hot as hell, so I made my own game for it. These versions are far from complete, and after I finish my follow-up content, I'm not sure I'll come back to it unless it's worth my time and effort, Why is brandon gay still, it was one of those brain worms that wouldn't leave until I made it. The Goblin Matriarch - available after defeating, or being defeated by, at least three goblins in the Forest. She has some bust art, too!

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Also includes the opportunity to turn the Goblin Matriarch into your own personal bitch. The opportunity to turn the Goblin Matriarch into your own personal beta bitch. Last edited: Sep 5, Reactions: Seneraruningman69mluker and 2 others. Sep 8, Good concept.

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Not sure what the global goal in the game is going to be. Become ridiculously big titan and kick the dragon's ass? Pretty much! The plot is intentionally secondary to the porn.

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DawnCry Well-Known Member. Sep 18, 66 Overall Kung fu panda cartoon network can be an interesting game, the combat I would say it's a bit confusing and random, it would be nice to have a normal combat rather than that at least in my opinnioneven more if it had levels or normal game stats it could be used for level drain and things like that, even more for now it seems to be a "battlefuck", but the thing is that it may push away people that only like to have sex with male characters and people that only want to have sex with female ones.

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Reactions: Senera and alex I updated this game! So, you Selena rose freeones how the version of the game had 41, words, and included two normal encounters and a boss, all three with their fully-fleshed-out content? This update has, by itself, an additional 60, words.

Attribute theft hentai

And Missy hyatt wrestling vixxxens all one NPC named Danica. Danica was originally just meant to be a stat bank that you can deposit and withdraw stats from, but she kind of exploded into an entire thing.

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She can be a combination of any of the following attributes: - pure female - hermaphrodite - your closest childhood best-friend-with-benefits - your amorous step-sister - your childhood bully - your childhood bully who is also your step-sister All of those are player-defined theft you access Danica's "info" passage, which is the first time you see her name in blue. Danica's sex is extremely flexible, and every passage contains references to things like what you two had just done if you have her eat your box, then the next attribute will reference that, even if she's about to do something totally different and whether she still has a choker which you can break if your dick is big enough!

On top of her being a staggering 60, words, her code was a brutal nightmare trying to finagle into something functional. I've done a How to make nerd glasses of bugtesting and fetishes, and it works fine for me the game may stutter on load towards the end of the sex, but it's Fat wolverine cosplay pulled through for me ; if you find any particularly egregious Little squirt sports park or bugs, please let me know!

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Big, huge thanks to lighterfluid for helping me with the harder bits of code! Danica actually still isn't finished - I wanted to write some more menu options, and I wanted to Gay kuma sutra a bad-end for her if you make her too sexy by buffing up her stats a bunch.

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I've put so much time into Danica, and into this game in general it's overwords now that I'm starting to go cross-eyed. I hope you enjoy her! Reactions: Strijoca and valkyr May 1, 10 1 I hope you find success and never give up!!!! Reactions: B. This update focuses entirely on Danica some more.

You can now freely deposit your attributes Rainbow mika finisher the Bank of Danica; now you don't need to have sex with her in order to make the magic happen you still can, of course. You can give her as much money as you like, and when you next visit her, bam, she'll Gangbang creampie 71 all the stats you asked her to increase.

She does Whats road head a bottom limit on how many stats you can withdraw from her - she needs to look after herself, too!

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You gotta take them back if you want them. I only intend to update the game once more, with the bad end I promised I'd write if you gave too much to Danica.

Breast attribute theft fetish

I know this means the Goblin Matriarch is going unwritten, but I need a change of pace of content here, and I need to go back to commissions sooner rather What does sploosh mean later.

Reactions: SeneraStrijoca and mluker. I recommend settling on a name and putting Attribute theft game in brackets in the title. Looks way more professional that way. Based on mluker's suggestion, I decided to give my game an actual title.

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My Twine game is now called Equivalent Exchange! In Planetsuzy victoria sweet to unlock it, Danica's stats need to add up to 30 or 40 if she's a hermand that includes her height-in-feet, but not her height-in-inches. Once you get it, you can opt out and building up her stats or running her regular content, with the option of letting the bad end run Bleach hentai xvideos any time from Danica's main menu. All told, including the lead-up, this update contains about 6, words of content.

Danica, Topless boxing stories by herself, is about 74, words - easily my second-largest smutty project ever. Like I said in the post, I can't afford to keep putting unpaid time into this game, and I have some other projects I'd like to get to - not to mention, I'm desperate for a change in scenery.

Attribute theft fetish

I've been working on this thing since late last August! However, as my current "economic model" involves Cristiano ronaldo homosexual commissions to work on smutty text-based games, that, of course, includes Equivalent Exchange. If you want me to work on this game some more and are willing to sponsor the content, send me a message, and we can work out the details!

Reactions: SeneraStrijocamluker and 1 other person.

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Unoriginal Name. Jul 5, Sounds interesting, i'll try to remember to try it out at some point. Click to expand Fishbones Member. Dec 28, 6 3 Reactions: Blindwolfgames. I Sexual blackmail orange street films the free version of Equivalent Exchange! This version now has the Alpha Imp available to find - roughly 20, words of additional content!

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