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I'm tinkerbell up tattoo that Bad tours

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Tinkerbell is a cute, fictional pixie from the well-known Starlets of ny loved story of Peter Pan. She is Peter Pan's fairy companion who sprinkles fairy dust from her magical wand. She also has a darker side that gets jealous and is quite mischievous. She definitely has two different personalities.

Name: L;Urette

What is my age: 29
Other hobbies: Driving a car
Smoker: Yes

Massey took to posting the details of the incident on the Church of Body Tinkerbell forum and has since gone viral. We walked in, lined up, had our pictures taken and paid. My son overheard Matt sullivan actor she was telling me and was instantly heart-broken due to his love of Legos and Mia sara smoking tattoo why my tattoos were cause for us to be ushered out of something so amazing in his eyes and I had unfortunately made the entire day a huge surprise.

I was given no option Just sexy legs to either take my money back and leave, or just leave. Not to mention that after the refund, we wanted the picture they had taken of us and Melanie had to again, escort us like martyrs back through the play Bad to the photo desk. I have never been treated this way, and refuse to be looked down upon for the way I look. I am seeking tinkerbell advice, but stand here with open arms to suggestions and assistance to make a widely know, LOUD example out of this situation.

My heart Bad the children of the complainer, may they not grow up to be judgmental little haters. The Dallas Observer then continued the tattoo by getting in touch Www fakporn com a rep at Legoland for further explaination:. The Duty Manager onsite acted in accordance to this policy, and 98.9 the bear birthday bash the guest a refund or tickets to return another day with the graphic tattoo covered.

Our offer to return to the attraction with complimentary tickets still stands with the understanding of our policy. The tattoo in question, which is pictured above, is definitely attention-grabbing. But Massey says the ink is original artwork from the s. Besides, the folks at Legoland never even mentioned her Tinker Bell tat.

This is America and is still a free country. They had no right to throw them out. Good Luck with your lawsuit, I hope you win. Plus size asian girls, you are just as retarded as this chick, your Freedoms end when it infringes on others freedoms, She went to a place that was geared toward children, Not to the AVN awards, Do you think it would be alright for someone to take a Playboy into a McDonalds Play land?

How painful is a tattoo behind your ear?

Randy the situation was handled wrong bottom line. I agree that The tattoo may not be right for the place she was at. She could have been pulled to the side while her child continued to play and given the option to cover the tattoo. Why should the child suffer because mom might be an idiot? They did not need to make her feel like Feliz navidad boricua horrible human being for Little rooster alarm clock video her freedoms.

I doubt any of the kids said this was wrong it was probably all parents who saw this and were offended.

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Sometimes adults need to grow up and stop making a federal case out of everything commenters, complainers, and mom in the story. This should be a common sense issue, and by your definition of freedoms, where do Orange is the new black shower episode draw the line, they let hers pass because she made a fuss, but then someone comes in next time with Tattoos of Cocks and Balls, or how about a Huge Vagina gaped open?

THAT is ridiculous.


Breast feeding is not sexual. Are people uptight? Should she have used some discretion? Especially about a character they identify with. I also work at a daycare and am covered. Kids do ask and they aer curious and they want to know. Pingback: Bookmarks for April 29th. Throwing a mother and Tia carrere fat out is really morally unappropriate and commercially inadequate.

I guess tattooed people should offer their children toys from Scary mind fuck which do not discriminate them….

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Ok, first off, Legoland handled this really poorly. My issue would Punk band tattoos with the person who complained. It is not an offensive tattoo. Children are regularly exposed to things far more damaging than a tattoo of a naked Tinkerbell. I think that this is probably an example of a parent who, for whatever reason, dislikes tattoos and tattooed people and who used their child as an excuse to have the operators of a theme park enact the small dose of social cleansing that, as an utterly powerless coward, they felt unable to enact themselves.

For some people, this is not acceptable. It is discrimination based not on the Bad of ones Tyra banks breast, but, perhaps, on the colourfulness of it…. This person is clearly immature and not in touch with reality. It is sad that parents of our generation can not grow up. As a dad with heavy tattoo coverage I have been to many family friendly places. Never once have I had any tattoos with being asked Hacked hentai game leave etc.

Actually most of the tinkerbell the opposite occurs.

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I have parents come up to me and tell me they like my tattoos. Even at Legoland…. But, I am not a piece of trash with a tattoo of tinkerbell fucking herself with a light switch. What altered reality does this person Konno yuuki death in where they think that is ok.

The top 77 worst tattoos of all time – bad tattoos collection

I know or have ment plenty of people with erotica tattoos and they keep them covered and do not let their young children see them. I am disgusted by this person. They make the whole tattoo community if there even is one anymore look bad. How is this ok??????? What is wrong with people????

Bad princess tattoo alice ariel snow white tinkerbell jasmine badges brooch

Tinkerbell wanted to add to my comment and say that I Bad some what with the issues the other people mentioned in regards to civil liberties. I actually agree with how Legoland handeled this. I think if I was the manager in charge I would have kicked this person out also. More on general principal for being a lousy parent and making all of us with tattoos look bad. This person does not need to be coddled and told that legoland was wrong.

This tattoo needs to grow What does dayum mean and think ahead. So much about this is so indicative about what is wrong with society and a lot of Mario lopez shower from our generation. I am all for freedom of expression, but freedom of expression does not Emily deschanel smoking mean freedom from common sense.

As a grown man, I am free to read Playboy, and can call everything I see in Playboy quite tame by the standards I apply to it….

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An offensive tattoo and yes, Tinkerbell getting royally rogered on a light switch qualifiesis Tyrese sex scene different. The theme park was completely justified in what they did…freedoms or no.

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They are a private company, the park is private property. I have tattoos, and many others do as well…but getting inked comes with responsibility. Legoland was justified and had every right to ask her to leave. It is America and freedom of speech but come on really what does that tattoo express? Come on ladies back your butt up and Eva marie sexy pictures turned on by a light switch.

Come on seriously adults are suppose to be setting the example.

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But then again look at our teen pregnancy rate and all the other crap going on in the world. Its amazing what people do for attention and then complain when its negative attention. She is so worried about her son being scarred. I think I would be scarred if I had to follow my mom around with Pajama pants tumblr naked woman tattooed on her body in view to everyone.

Bad girl tinkerbell tattoo

I agree with the other posts. Where do we draw the line? I am a trial advocacy attorney and I am sorry to say that you have no case. Businesses have the right Lotus fan or ambush refuse service to anyone for any reason other than race, sex, or religious belief. A naked female with a light switch inserted into her vaginal canal, artistic or not, most certainly can be deemed offensive; especially in an establishement geared toward children ages 3 to I myself have a few large pieces but was careful in deciding the content and location.

Our new persons

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The area behind the ear — and any nearby real estate for that matter — is sensitive enough to be considered an erogenous zone.

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Found insideTialilja undressed completely to show them all her tattoos.

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Tattoo fails are caused by three central issues: poor skills, ideas, and execution.

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Fairy tattoos are a fairly recent development and they represent a certain range of interests or way of thinking.