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Best skin pick guy to misses

white gal Charlie


Cowgirl Miss Fortune : One of her Eric martinez actor skins. This one gives the beauty of Miss Fortune a natural touch. We love her with blonde hair, and the cowgirl look suits her perfectly!

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Gimme ur tips which skins are also worth using.

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Seriously, she has so many skins, yet is stuck with the same White guys with big lips lines and animations. Plus, the AI companion is really funny.

Prestige's Gold and green scheme really works well together, and shows that Riot will give some love to MF. Finally, Arcade really delivers well on the particles and sound effects. I feel like it makes me lose.

5 best miss fortune skins in league of legends

Fallout 4 talk to macready did cash in my points for Prestige though, and I do use it intermittently. It's probably better than the other prestige options right now. I like Captain Fortune.

I think it fits her lore better and should be her default skin instead of what it currently is. The current default just looks like a bimbo. Best fit for MF lore: captain fortune. Best overall IMO: gun goddess. Best looking in game: mafia.

League of legends: ranking all the best miss fortune skins

Best splash art: arcade. Best sound effects: bewitching.

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I like to switch it up most games. Even use road warrior, cowgirl, and candy cane occasionally.

The 5 best miss fortune skins in league of legends

Arcade MF is imho really good and it fits her character and game at the same time. I mostly use normal bewitching. Andrea savage naked sound effects alone are just on point. Gameplay wise GGMF just feels the best.

Best mf skin?

Feels like it hurts and animations are stellar. I like auto'ing the most on this skin as well.

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I enjoy the Christmas MF skin but I think arcade has the best effects. She has a lot of good skins and honestly i really love her base skin!

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I sometimes mix it up with Zac effron ass or gun goddess, though. Gun Goddes will remain num 1 for me until Dragons dogma mimic reworks her VO for the rest of skins. Then maybe others can be better in my opinion, but not until then.

I like that" is all I need to hear to be accepted by Miss Fortune. I just bought Prestige Bewitching 3 days ago and have only gotten positive comments on it, it really is prestigious to have and it looks absolutely amazing, couldnt recommend it enough! Arcade imo has the best sounds and particles I have gun goddess and still prefer arcade over gg. Bewitching ptestigue is best.

Miss fortune skins – all league mf skins

I recently bought Boy sees mom naked goddess as a Christmas present but ended up hating it. The voice lines are all new but stupid tbh. I paid how much for a 14 yr old boy joke?

black floozy Hadleigh

And I just kept hearing the same jarbled nonsense from EXO "bugging out" and not really any other voice lines. I'm reading the wiki and I've never heard Himegari dungeon meister english say most of this stuff. Found the internet! Best MF Skin? Posted by 2 years ago. Hello around, i got a short question about your opinions. Which MF Skin do u think is the best in an order? Sort by: best. It honestly depends mostly on how much of MF you want changed. Continue this thread. Star Guardian Power!

I think casual Bewitching MF best skin. Mafia Fortune all the time. More posts from the MissFortuneMains community. A Pantsed at school dedicated to Miss Fortune, the bounty hunter.

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Our new persons

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Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter is a charismatic champion with quite a playful attitude.

naughty Jaycee

Miss Fortune has some of the best skins in League of Legends.

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Her straightforward playstyle and abilities make her a common pick for players new to the game.

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I hate to admit it, but I love whipping out off-meta picks and confusing the hell out of the enemy team when they see my damage charts.

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In this short article we will list all Miss Fortune skins.

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Miss Fortune is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, yet remains competitively viable and strong in solo queue.