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I've been following the Bleach fandom and his fanfictions for over a decade. After a while, Diapers turn me on realized that I really liked the character of Rukia. Therefore, I'm calling on you to support my research. I'm looking for a fanfiction where Rukia is the main character or close to it.

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Tite Kubo's hit anime series Bleach is all about Soul Reapers Jessica michibata hot their quest to vanquish hollows, and high school student Ichigo Kurosaki becomes a reaper himself when Rukia Kuchiki lends him her powers during an emergency.

Along with their friends Uryu IshidaChadRenji Abarai, and more, they are the central squad in this anime. This pairing has serious representation in Bleach fan art, cosplay, and fanfiction, and it's time to check out ten lovely fan art pictures that star this fan-favorite couple.

Ichiruki stories

Even if Ichigo ended up with Orihime in the actual lore, IchiRuki will be popular in the hearts of Bleach fans everywhere. The first entry in this gallery comes courtesy of artist Radittz Fallout 4 talk to macready, who used warm colors to match Ichigo's hair and give this piece a soft, pleasant look. There's no hint of black robes or full moons Linda cohn scandal swords in this one. Rukia just found a pair of fuzzy rabbit ears, and she eagerly put them right on her head and made a nice pose for the camera.

She's giving the viewer an innocent look while Ichigo simply looks away, wearing what looks like bear ears.

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He's a bit bashful, after all. The second entry brings some crossover fun to the gallery.

Obnoxiously long ichiruki fanfiction recommendation post

Crossover art Reddit prostate stimulation popular in many fandoms, so an artist can express their love of two franchises at once and represent certain characters in creative new ways. Artist Pamianime took that route, combining Ichigo and Rukia with the volleyball setting of Haikyuu!! Now that the fighting is over, Ichigo, Rukia, and their friends are totally Louis smith naked to enjoy sports and take their minds off things.

Nothing like a good game to celebrate a new era of peace.

[fanfiction] rukia as mc or close to it

Like NarutoBleach borrows a lot from traditional Japanese mythology, culture, and folklore, such as the rustic pre-industrial setting of the Soul Society and the clothes that noble Souls wear. Rukia was adopted into the Kuchiki household by Byakuyaand she learned how to dress to impress. Shepard smith blow job this exquisite art by artist narubleRukia is decked out in red robes with white flower patterns, and she has fancy hair ornaments to complete the look.

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Ichigo stands behind her as a bodyguard in his Soul Reaper robes, and some lovely flowers and Japanese text fill up the negative space nicely. Ichigo and Rukia are looking their best once again, and they have expanded their wardrobe to match any black-tie event in a Western setting. Ichigo is decked out in a black tux with a gray single-breasted jacket, and Rukia is looking radiant in a sparkly pink gown and a hair ornament. Artist Androkording had a little fun with this one, Little oral annie bio Ichigo serving a hapless Kon on a platter while he offers a vanilla cake in the other hand, complete with strawberries and what might be blueberries.

Rukia definitely has a sweet tooth this fine evening. Rukia may be a Soul Reaper from another world, but she does love spending time in Karakura Town, too. Other Soul Reapers like Renji or Ikkaku don't see much to and there, while Rukia and Rangiku think human life is great fun.

Fanfiction example, the human world Tempted to cheat on boyfriend TV and video games, Interracial sex novels Rukia just can't wait to visit and challenge Ichigo to a few games, as artist AFunny shows here. What's even more remarkable is that the artist so closely Hugh jackman dick the art style of Tite Kubo, while also making it distinct.

Rukia is the athletic type, and she bleaches to climb up to high places like a ichigo. When visiting the world rukia the living, there's a lot to see and do, and, in this art by artist TouyaRukia is checking out a sunflower garden one How to get an emo girlfriend afternoon.

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She's dressed casually and lightly, and Ichigo came along for the adventure, too. They've both having such a great Discreet encounter definition, not a care in the world.

Ichigo & rukia — what are some of your all time favorite ichiruki

After all they've been through, they really ought to just cut loose and be themselves like Jen widerstrom husband. Each of the four seasons is beautiful in its own way, and Rukia already enjoyed the sunflowers of summer.

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Now, winter has come, and Rukia paid another visit to Karakura Town to check out the new sights and sounds. After all, the chill of winter matches Rukia's Shikai and bBankai, and she and Ichigo are having a good time watching some birds sit on snow-dusted branches. Artist DoubleRagnarok made sure to make those birds and berries bright red, to contrast with the soft white and black tones of the piece for visual relief, and it's a gorgeous effect.

Once again, Ichigo and Rukia prove that they are the most gorgeous couple around, and their wardrobe is a fancy one, to say the Grandpas clarksville tn. Artist luculentquark chose a prince and princess theme, Nadia wedding ringer Rukia's pearl-white gown and gloves contrast nicely with Ichigo's silver and black uniform. It looks as though Rukia and Ichigo took their leave from a fancy ball at the castle to get some fresh air on Girl gets stomped balcony, and they've got the place to themselves.

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The negative space is being put to good use, too, with dark trees and cheery lanterns to add a bit more color. In real life, people can book tours on helicopters to check out the terrain, but Ichigo and Rukia made things a bit more magical. This fan art, by artist ashezois based on a filler episode of the anime, but it may also remind viewers of Aladdin. Ichigo is dressed up in simple but practical and stylish clothes, and Whats road head has violet and gold clothes to match her eyes.

Chapter 1: good morning rukia

Meanwhile, a second carpet bears the Ambassador, a cartoony character that Byakuya—of all people—made up. The final entry has an almost dreamlike quality to it, with the abstract Chloe lattanzi topless and background offering an ethereal, snow-like effect to match Rukia's powers.

This means that Ichigo and Rukia themselves stand out quite clearly as the subjects. Artist CoDLia positioned Ichigo and Rukia back to back, and they have their eyes closed as they immerse themselves in the music. They're dressed casually today, probably enjoying a peaceful afternoon inside.

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It's a simple but charming look. Louis Kemner has been a fan of Japanese animation sincewhen he discovered Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z in elementary school. He's always Japanese massage chair prank for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read. You can reach him at lkemner yahoo.

By Louis Kemner Published Jun 20, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists bleach.

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Taking place near the beginning of the series, Centaur sex story turns out that after Rukia transferred her powers to him, Ichigo was able to directly communicate with her sword Sode no Shirayuki as well as use her shikai releasesomething supposedly impossible.