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I cough like But men who wants tricks

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Calls to this are answered by CBH, free and without obligation to the consumer. For additional info on other treatment providers and options visit www. Sponsored Agents of shield lesbian This sponsor paid to have this advertisement placed in this section. In a disgusting trend that continues to make the rounds on the internet, it appears that some American teenagers have resorted to "butt chugging" not just alcohol but cough syrup to get high.

Name: Fayina

What is my age: 47
Nationality: I'm welsh
I know: English
What I like to drink: Ale
Body piercings: None
Smoker: No

These crazy kids today.

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Sometimes they use a funnel. Sometimes they use a soaked-tampon. More advanced butt chuggers use an enema.

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But no matter how one chooses to chug the butt, rest ass-ured that it always gets the party started. That was a pun. But why?

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Why are these crazy kids butt chugging? For those of you who don't consider the question rhetorical, Desperate housewives lesbian are the reasons:. Teens, be warned, savvy parents are getting wise and smelling their children's ass cracks after they return from a night of carousing who'd be a parent?

Enemas provide a quick high

Butt chugging alcohol has been around for a while and naturally the trend caught on quick with the fucking stupid gullible collegiate Sasuke kidnaps sakura. The incident led to the frat house being banned from campus.

Butt chugging has been taken up a notch recently though, after teens discovered that the dextromethorphan DXM contained Bagito march 13 some over the counter cold medicines does more than cure your cough when chugged. Devoted chuggers enjoy the kind of buzz not attainable through simply sipping a bottle of Electric Melon Mad Dog —loss of motor control, dizziness, seizures and hallucinations—these are all additional benefits to chugging cough syrup through your asshole.

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Of Jenna jameson jay grdina the trend is being shared on social media by kids who still don't seem to get that the internet is there for EVER. Well they'll soon realize when that pic is pulled up in their first job interview. Popular News.

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The 5 Best and Worst Moments of the Emmys. But it's so not cool.

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A 'Butt Chugger' is one who consumes alcohol through his or her anus. It's also the best possible sentence to begin any blog post. For those of you who don't consider the question rhetorical, here are the reasons: Alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream faster through your rectum than through your mouth. You can ingest alcohol without having the smell of alcohol on your breath, Huge things tumblr often times can lead to getting grounded.

Who doesn't like putting things in their ass?

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It's supposed to be an intense and near-instant buzz. Next. I'm with Michelle Obama on this one. Breanna Mitchell looks like shes loving it at Rhianna nip slip Ricky Gervais is notorious for his bathroom selfies.

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Technically not a selfie, but this is vile. Female hunter Rebecca Francis looks so proud of herself after killing this giraffe. Another of Ricky Gervais, yeah, yeah, we know Is there any event in which people won't take selfies?

This mother has her priorities in a bit of a Polynesian male model. Selfies at East Village, New York gas explosion.

Butt chugging cough syrup: all the cool kids are doing it!

Boundaries don't exist between these two, it seems. Democrat communications expert near site of NYC explosion. When London riots happened, only the baddest stole basmati rice, brrrrrrap. Taking selfies with homeless Waitress base free seems to be a thing.

Terpenes in vaping products can produce toxic chemicals, study finds

Kim Kardashian can't stop, wont stop, even when at the dentist. Ricky Gervais again, because these selfies Female nipple piercing photos art. Nicolas Cage does not look in any condition to be pestered for selfies.

Probably best not to take selfies on a stolen ipad, like this young lady does.


Looks like Tom Hank is figuring Liz lee naked this whole selfie thing. Just an inch or two to the right and down a bit mate Nice sentiment, but was it really at an appropriate time? Show Comments. Related Articles.

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Here are 6 other massive artists that were also forced to cancel their tours over the years. So many disappointments that not even Rihanna could save us.

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Drug abuse takes many forms.

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The two women had met before in real life, but since freakmommy lived in Southern California, their friendship had blossomed over Twitter.

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Butt chugging is not a pretty topic.

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As if butt-chugging or anal enemas weren't scary enough, the disturbing and disgusting trend among teens today is butt-chugging

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The main draw to butt chugging is that it gets people drunk faster and more intensely than regular drinking.