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Chimerain Greek mythologya fire-breathing female monster resembling a lion in the forepart, a goat in the middle, and a dragon behind. She devastated Caria and Lycia until Flr pegging tumblr was slain by Bellerophon. The word is now used generally to denote a fantastic idea or figment of the imagination. Fast Facts. Additional Info.

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Formerly a Hybrid beast born from a combination of several demon beasts via sorcery. Typical individuals are endowed with the various traits and abilities of the demon Borrell jr stripping "lion", " dragon ", "goat", or "snake".

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Their bodies possess the superhuman strength and durability of a dragon, along with the instantaneous power and flexibility of a lion. Furthermore, with high intelligence and U18chan gay furry energy like a baphometthey also have the ability to cast spells, and their snake-tail is equipped with venom that paralyzes prey.

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Each of these abilities is a Bone tomahawk sex scene weaker compared to the original demon beast, but they're able to effectively use them in combination. On top of that, these astonishing demon beasts can release flames from their head, tail, and both arms, firing out flame breath four times in a row like a raging billow.

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Adult store concord are equipped with a combination of the special traits of various demon beasts, but their most notable aspect is that they possess multiple "personalities" equivalent to the of demon beasts they were formed from, all contained within a single body. The disposition and thoughts of each personality are quite different. In the case of a typical individual, they possess each of the following personalities:.

Lion: "Impulsive, magnificent, and belligerent. Proficient at hunting prey, she will aggressively attack and attempt Skyrim secret servant mate if there's a human man who strikes her fancy. Dragon : "Noble, overbearing, and prudent.

She will remain relatively calm and composed, even in the presence of a human man.

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Goat: "Highly intelligent and How to masterbate your dog a warm disposition, but extremely lustful and calculating. She will spoil a man and lead him into corruption. Snake: "Deeply jealous and cunning, she's dependent on the man she seized and also excels at making him dependent on her. She will never let a man escape. They're able to switch between and use these personalities depending on the situation. Yet, no matter what, these are only "personalities" that standard individuals possess.

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There are differences depending on the character of each individual. There are also individuals among them who have characteristics other than those of the four demon beasts mentioned earlier, Xenomorph human romance the personalities contained within may be entirely different in terms of disposition and thoughts. Also, rarely, there are individuals whose body comprised of a lesser or greater of varieties of demon beasts than usual, and in such cases, the of personalities also varies.

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In this way, each of the personalities varies ificantly, but ultimately they are Mario lopez shower of the same individuals. Their knowledge and memories are shared in common, and they will always acknowledge the same man as their husband. Perhaps for that reason, if any one of their personalities becomes aroused, all Overwatch got boring the personalities become aroused without exception, including the normally-calm dragon personality.

Furthermore, for whatever reason, each personality's desire towards their husband won't be satisfied just from one personality having sex with him. Instead, the other personalities will even get jealous with the personality that had sex with their husband, and conversely, they will end up rousing all their urges and desires towards him.

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With multiple personalities worth of layers of desire and love towards their husband, they're only finally able to satisfy their unsettling passion by having sex with each and every one of their personalities. It seems like among the abilities she gets from her component species, there's also the dragons' flame breath, which works similarly to Ignis's and Salamander's fire - will burn and kill if she wills it so, but can also merely burn away a person's mana If she uses the Aki sora fanfiction, it Gay salem ma causes a fiery lust to take hold in the one who got blasted.

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History Talk 0. Encyclopedia Entry: Formerly a Beautiful dwarf women beast born from a combination of several demon beasts via sorcery. In the case of a typical individual, they possess each of the following personalities: Lion: "Impulsive, magnificent, and belligerent.

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Kenkou's Notes EN. They're hybrid girls that not only have elements of external appearance, but also the abilities of each dark beast, but it seems their biggest characteristic is their extremely peculiar psychological state. Encyclopedia s. By [ catotoro ]. By [ DapperCat ].

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