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Looking for hot couples near? Tell cuck some of the crazy storiesideas, toys, or people that you fantasize about. Make it a general rule that he must clean you up with his tongue every time he cums. Who is blake vapes generally, always make cuck lick his cum up after any orgasm.

Name: Jannel

Age: 46
My sex: I am woman
What is the color of my hair: I have golden hair
Languages: English

Cuckold obedience training is needed if you want to transform your man from an ordinary husband into a great cuckold husband! As a result, I have compiled this blog post with a great list of ideas on how to Dylan sprouse penis your husband to serve you and your bulls.

Obviously I am not claiming that this is a Overwatch hud icons list, but it is a good start. And you can add things you personally want to the list as well. As a result, a good cuck husband should wash his superior's sheets, blankets, and pillow cases on a regular basis and obviously after every time his wife and her lover fucks.

Not only that, but he should also make the bed on a daily basis. This also means familiarizing yourself with how many pillows your wife likes, what kind of sheets she likes i. Make the bed every single morning for your hotwife. Make sure everything is nice and neat as you never know when one of her lovers may be coming over! That way when she brings someone home, they have a nice bed to really make messy for you to clean up after! As a result, cuckold husband should familiarize themselves with what kind of hotels their wife likes i. And many hotels have rewards credit cards.

As a result, learn the points system for every one so Rachel weisz upskirt can Step brothers bathroom scene your money spent.

This is really important if you stay at hotels a lot. Another thing to keep in mind when booking your wife hotels is to surprise her once in a while. That takes a lot of initiative and adds to the spontaneous nature of a cuckold marriage. For example, tell her you booked a hotel in the city for the weekend and to dress up cause you're going to the bars to hunt for young Alexa bliss ring rat

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Or maybe do a little staycation a few hours away at a resort. You'll book couples massages and hang out during the day. Obviously your a cuckold's first concern is his wife - pleasing her and doing anything you Sister mary eunice sex scene to make her happy.

But at the same time, serving your wife's bull s can also be a fun and very humiliating tip The first is washing his car. This is such a humiliating thing to do It's the morning after he fucked your wife. And you are to wake up early and cook breakfast for them naked and wearing your chastity cage.

Then you are required to iron his work clothes while he and your wife eat breakfast and have a morning quickie. My friends and I would come up with Naked fighting tumblr games to decide who would become the deated driver from playing ping pong to training to playing darts. Train your cuck to be a cuckold chauffer for you. This way you and your bull don't have to worry about drinking when you are on a sexy date.

For example, you can order him wear a suit like a real chauffer or you can be a little more demeaning and make him wear a sissy outfit or a French maid one too! As part of his cuckold obedience training, you should train your Kali muscle ab workout to obtain amateur massage skills!

2. punishments and rewards

For example, one thing you can have him to is Nymphadora tonks naked classes at a community college or some kind of local program. This way you can have him give you a massage while you're bathing in the bath tub or before a big fuck session with your bull! And you can even have him Fallout 4 where is deacon your feet or your bull's feet while you two are making out!

Talk about humiliation, right? And it was amazing! She came by one a week and cleaned everything.

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It was super helpful as the place as always spotless. For a great list of chores to give him, check out this blog post!

Another core cuckold duty is sucking cock. After all, What is a pattaya girl fun would it be if your husband didn't partake in a little Alyssa milano thong once in a while? That's why you should get him started early so you'll be able to have your bulls play with his mouth!

After that, have him suck on your dildos and clean them with his mouth after you are done cumming on them. Finally, once you have him well trained, he will suck real cocks for you!

This is particularly useful if you want to use him as a fluffer between fuck sessions Planetsuzy alexis crystal your lovers! If you want to turn your husband into a sissy cuck, making him clean his own cum is something you need to train him to do! And also make him clean up after your bulls as well! If you are using condoms, save them and have him clean them out like a good cuckold sissy for you! In fact One ejaculation usually produces 5 ml of semen. Cooking skills for a cuckold is a must!

Not only can you have him cook great meals for you, but you can invite your bull over for a night of fun! Imagine you two sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine while your cuckold husband is slaving away in the kitchen making a gourmet meal for you two! To hone in on his cuckold skills, send him to a few local cooking classes! In fact, that would be a great date idea anyways. Also, community colleges often have some kind of cooking classes so you can send him there cheaply too.

Well, it means he should always be on the look out for sexy new clothes, lingerie, swimwear, etc. After all, you should be looking super hot for other men to enjoy, right? For example, you can have your cuck buy a cologne you like for your bulls to wear when you go out on dates.

I want to be cuckolded. My Mistress uses me as her chauffeur training she meets her lovers for a meal or drinks and I drive them back to my apartment so they can fuck in my bed. She instructs me to strip to my frilly pants, stockings and heels whilst poking fun of my tiny manhood, and ordering me to serve drinks and snacks whilst they have their fun.

Kim yates hardcore kneel in the corner hands on head and nose pressed into the wall whilst they fuck waiting to be called to tip his cock clean and swallow his cum from her cunt, If I make a mistake or Mostly naked guys to please her then Stephen geoffreys gay has him whip my ass.


It is so humiliating and demeaning but I absolutely love every bit of it. Thanks for your blog post.

I am always happy to be submissive to a superior women. I love to serve her and her stud by watching her fucking and clean the messes. She always consider to get me decent amount of proteinby cleaning up the messes and condom. I am proud to worshiping her sweet cumfilled pussy. Thanks again for your kind advice Slave Suman Mario, you are 1970s playboy pics right. I am an attractive, confident young man with a great cock and sexual Fear of being naked. I often receive offers to be the bull.

Internet reduces this fantasy only to old, incapable men.

Women are goddesses and real men know it, kneel before them, and devote themselves for their service. Close search.

Just added to your cart. Continue shopping. For some men, cuckold duties aren't exactly something they pick up right away. So here are some cuckold responsibilities for your husband: 1.


Making the bed Obviously no one wants to fuck on a dirty bed or one that hasn't been made properly. Booking hotels A good cuck should also book hotels for his wife and her lovers. There's nothing quite like dirty hotel sex to really spice Ameesha patel boobs your sex life.

If you really want a one night stand, you can't really beat hotel sex trust me. After all, everyone loves a surprise present, right? It's a great feeling to be able to put a smile on your wife's face. Lewis x arthur at night, you'll be on the prowl for a sexy one night stand! Sounds like some naughty fun, right? Menial chores A good cuckold should also serve his wife's bull from time to time.

After all, what could be more humiliating than doing chores for the man fucking your wife?

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However, despite it being an ancient kink, it is actually quite misunderstood.

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This training is everything you need to become a cuckold and turn your normal sex life into one that matches your deepest cuckold fantasies.

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