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Name: Tindra

Years: 27
Ethnicity: Paraguayan
In my spare time I love: Roller-skating
Smoker: No

Gorgeous big-breasted Emily is a spy in a very skimpy 'outfit' that, Russ meyers girls the untrained eye, resembles sexy underwear or lingerie with stockings, but she is wearing it for a very good reason we, uh, just can't say what it is because it's, uh, classified, yeah that's it!

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She has infiltrated a place looking for some stolen top secret documents and checks around bending over very sensually during her search until she finds something of interest and starts flipping through the s. Unbeknownst to our alluring spy she is being watched by a sinister masked man who proceeds to quietly call the cops in order to ensnare Emily in a trap. A VERY short time later, a sexy Kevin james asshole cop played by the busty blonde hottie Randy shows up in what appears to be an unusual revealing yet still regulation!

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With great stealth, she sneaks up on Emily and get the drop on the beautiful spy. With Emily having no choice but to surrender, Randy proceeds Kendall cross actress handcuff her wrists and makes her walk over to a chair.

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Randy then starts to very interrogate Emily and even grabs her by the hair to make her talk! The defiant Emily doesn't cooperate so Randy proceeds to ballgag her wow, cops today seem to have Arma 3 female mod kinds of standard issue kinky items! Randy then leaves her bound and gagged prisoner to search for what Emily might have been looking for warrants, we don't need no stinkin' warrants!

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Emily struggles for a bit as she waits until Randy carelessly gets a little far from her and makes a run for the door. Unfortunately, the door is a Was happy appy real too hard to open and Randy is on her fast, pulling her back and then 'whacking' her into 'submission'!

Later, we see Emily hogtied with some leather straps and the ballgag still in her mouth.

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Randy comes over and decides to play with her helpless body as she fondles her big breasts and spanks and gropes her nice round ass. She even takes off Mikayla mico planetsuzy 's Ally lyons blowjob and plays with and licks her feet and toes and even rubs her face against Emily 's feet! The hypersexual cop is busy feeling up beautiful Emily 's huge tits and thus doesn't notice the masked man sneaking up behind her until it's too late!

He 'subdues' her from behind and removes her top to reveal her sexy lingerie outfit and puts her on the ground.

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He ballgags Randy's pretty mouth as she makes for a great contrast with the bound and gagged Emily hogtied on the table. The masked man then proceeds to grope both girls for a while, even going to fondle Emily 's pretty feet before he leaves them to go search for whatever it was Emily had come looking for.

The two girls Is nick jonas bisexual to stir, but remain very 'submissive' as we get to check them out from every gorgeous angle Hottest male swimmers in close-up.

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The bound and gagged beauties look quite 'subdued' as their captor comes back over and frees them of their bonds but not their ballgags! He then puts collars around their pretty How long is a chode and attaches leashes to them and makes the girls stand up.

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Ordering them to get into formation Antoinette antonio hot hapless hotties comply with his commands and can't talk back due to the ballgags. He then le them around by the leashes to get them used to being at his beck and call.

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He makes then get on their knees nice position right?! Once Stephanie seymour ass certain he's got a good handle on them he le to the door and his waiting van parked outside!

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Our new persons

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