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Unless of course you recruit three special prostitutes for the Garret twins. But besides them, there isn't a single prostitute.

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False advertising much? On the console generation that New Vegas was released on, the engine had nasty performance and stability issues if a cell got too big or had too many actors in it. Freeside and the Strip had to be broken into smaller areas so that objects and NPCs could be packed densely enough that they Cave story how to save curly look like ghost towns.

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If the main room at the Wrangler was falling short of the team's performance goals, somebody may have decided that it was better to cut some non-story NPCs than to spend time rebuilding the area with smaller cells. They cut quite a bit of NPCs in one of the first patches for the game. I don't know if there were any prostitutes included in that though. I really wonder what would have Asian goth makeup if New Vegas was made with today's technology.


At least casinos wouldn't be ghost places, that's for sure. They were probably cut.

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If I remember correctly, there was even a super mutant prostitute that Ash and misty make love supposed to be there. I didn't think super mutants could do prostitution, due to lack of genitals. Just had a look at the wiki and it turns out that super mutant hookers are actually a thing.

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It's also kind of weird, to me, that the cryer is played by a 13 or 14 year old girl. I mean. It happens in the Gomorrah as well.

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It's a perfect detail to Curious cristine anal ambient. Seems like it was a game oversight, either devs forgot to put generic prostitute characters or the engine for whatever far out reason wouldn't let them. Aside from what you could think of as VIP specials the ones you recruit, I believe it's meant to be implied that regular working girls are there somewherejust they didn't have the specials.

There are generic Prostitute NPCs.

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They're all over the Strip. I use the Uncut mods that restore prostitutes to the game. Or was it New Vegas Redeed 3? I always just figured that it was because they were the shadiest casino in New Vegas, so of course they'd lie about having hookers. Found the internet! Why does the Atomic Wrangler in NV advertise itself as if it had a lot Jade marcela bio prostitutes when there aren't any?

Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. Cause they all moved to Gomorrah for a better life.

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Yeah, "better". Continue this thread. She was 6. Venturing in the Wasteland. You have lost Karma.

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Ask me about New Vegas mods. True to Caesar. More posts from the Fallout community. A state-of-the-art subreddit from Vault-Tec. Created Oct 31, Top posts april 15th Top posts Milf stripper tumblr april, Top posts Back to Top.

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When you first arrive at the Atomic Wrangler, Francine Garret tells you that there are women in the establishment who provide sexual services, and they are "not slaves.