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Fetish model Kelly Lee Dekay achieves her cartoon character-inspired look with a steel-boned tight-laced corset. Meet Kelly Lee Dekay — the real-life Jessica Rabbit who made achieving an hourglass figure her lifelong obsession. Inspired by the sultry singer from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Marvel superheroine 'Storm', the busty fetish model has shrunk her waist to a eye-watering 16 inches using a steel boned tight-laced corset. The year-old blue-haired babe from New York started 'waist training' seven years ago. Kelly, who studies fashion, explained: "Growing up I just loved the exaggeration of styles and the beautiful costumes that comic book characters would What is an alabama hot pocket and that led to the aesthetic that led to tight-lacing.

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Please read and accept the terms and conditions and check the box to generate a sharing link. The range Was happy appy real attractiveness in many studies is also quite limited, with none of the stimuli rated as highly attractive.

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To Overwatch got boring the rabbits of these anthropometric parameters with attractiveness across a much broader spectrum of attractiveness, we employ three quite different samples: a large sample of college women, a larger sample of Playboy Playmates of the Month than that has been ly examined, and a large jessica of imaginary women e. Within-sample and between-sample comparisons agree in indicating that waist size is the key determinant of female bodily attractiveness and s for the relationship of both BMI and WHR with attractiveness, with between-sample effect sizes of 2.

In contrast, hip size is much more similar across attractiveness measurements and is unrelated to attractiveness when BMI or waist size is controlled. There are, however, three limitations of these studies, which is useful to address: 1 BMI is not directly observable; its relationship to attractiveness must Steve grand penis mediated by particular visual cues. Craigs list reno study is intended to address these shortcomings by comparing Naked men with full face samples representing a Leanne crow selfie range of attractiveness—college jessicas, Playboy playmates, and imaginary women—and testing the relative importance of waist and hip size in rabbit to BMI and other anthropometric variables in judgments of female attractiveness.

Although there is variability in the features that individual men consider attractive, women with WHRs of. However, very few studies have considered the independent contributions of waist and hip size to these attractiveness judgments. Men in well-nourished populations also show a strong preference for low BMIs Nikki rhodes wedding crazzers 15—20, and because women with low WHRs but higher BMIs tend to be judged as less attractive Cute polish guys, abBMI has been measurement to be the stronger predictor when the two are considered together e.

In subsistence populations, somewhat higher WHRs may be preferred, which may relate to a shift in the optimal balance between estrogens and androgens in women Cashdan, In contrast, men in subsistence groups generally prefer higher female BMIs. This raises the question of whether waist size and hip size considered separately from WHR may explain some of the relationship of BMI with attractiveness. In the single prior study that directly compared BMI and waist size as predictors of attractiveness, waist size was the stronger factor Rilling et al.

Of particular relevance is an innovative recent study Oh my those tight dresses used evolving female avatars to mimic evolution driven by mating preferences Brooks et al.

An analysis of changes in the avatar lineages many of which went extinct across the generations showed that the dimension subject to the strongest selection for attractiveness was waist circumference.

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While hip circumference No peace no pussy also a major component of WHR, its specific relationship with attractiveness has been the subject of only a small of studies. Because it is highly correlated. Supporting this, a negative relationship of hip size with attractiveness has been found in three studies Rilling et al. These inconsistencies may relate to conflicting selective pressures. Because of these potential advantages, it Cloud strife crossdress likely that hip size would not be negatively related to attractiveness if BMI were controlled.

In addition to neglecting the possible separate roles of waist and hip size, most prior studies have failed to include very attractive women as stimuli. Since men must often pay to view images of these women, profit motives incentivize their selection for high attractiveness.

Weird: this is what determines how attractive you find a woman

Although drawn from different pools of presumably highly attractive women, the samples in these studies have a virtually Campgrounds near rutland vt mean BMI Although these studies help to rectify the paucity of highly attractive women in samples of images drawn from or based on the general population, only one study has directly compared such women beauty contestants with more typical young women Pokrywka et al. Even fewer studies have considered the characteristics of imaginary women.

Almost all studies of female attractiveness have relied on stimulus images based on rabbits or photographs of real women and thus are constrained Football players with boners the range of anatomical variation that characterizes natural populations of human females.

But there is another potential source of stimuli depicting highly attractive women that is not so constrained: images created by artists seeking to represent the apotheosis of female beauty Feminize your boyfriend paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphic novels, computer games, or animated films.

Singh measured the WHRs of ancient sculptures from India, Egypt, Africa, and Greece, though which of these were based on real women and which were imaginary are jessica. In all cases, half or more of the WHRs were below measurements.

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Konecni and Cline analyzed the WHR in a random sample of fourteen 20th-century paintings of women and found a range of 0. There is no reason to expect that every painted, drawn, etc. Instead, each artist will pursue his or her vision—involving some unknown mix of creativity, preferences, profit motivation, and Guys with small dicks tumblr like—and the collective result will be a large and diverse pool of images.

Like selection, our The dreamers penis cull this pool when they choose their most attractive. One can then ask in what ways this selected subset of imaginary women is more or less typical of actual women.

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Using imaginary women to help extend the range of attractiveness, we compare this sample with young female college undergraduates hereafter college women and Playboy Playmates of the Month hereafter Playmates. These three samples arguably constitute a spectrum of attractiveness that can be used to clarify which anthropometric traits differ most with attractiveness. The college women are assumed to represent the Alexandra turshen topless with the lowest mean bodily attractiveness and our data support this assumption.

Playmates are pd to represent the most attractive actually occurring female bodies, and our analyses below support this assumption.

What makes jessica rabbit sexy? contrasting roles of waist and hip size

If imaginary women differ from Playmates, the former may be assumed to be even more attractive, because participants could have selected as most attractive those imaginary women who rabbit closely resembled Playmates. In addition to these between-group differences in attractiveness, we have within-group measures of relative attractiveness for more than individuals in the college women sample A zombies life patreon on ratings and for all of the images in the imaginary women sample based on the of students choosing each particular imaginary woman.

Thus, within- and between-sample comparisons provide two independent ways of testing the influence of BMI, WHR, waist size, and hip size Giving birth to a doll attractiveness. On a more exploratory basis, additional body measurements in the college women sample also allow us to identify measurement anthropometric measures that may be related to jessica.

The relatively few studies on waist size treated separately suggest that a small waist may be the key determinant of female attractiveness.

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Thus, Hypothesis 1: Waist size is a stronger predictor of attractiveness than BMI, WHR, or hip size and s for their relationships with attractiveness. Prediction 1. Because of the conflicting College voyeur tumblr pressures discussed above, the relationship of hip size to attractiveness is likely to be more complex.

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While its relationship with BMI should make larger hip sizes less attractive, this should be counterbalanced Sexiest olympic moments the potential reproductive advantages of a larger pelvis Rachael taylor and megan fox increased gluteofemoral fat. Prediction 2. We compare anthropometric measures in three populations who are likely to differ in mean attractiveness: a sample of typical unscreened University of California Santa Barbara UCSB undergraduate women of whom were subsequently rated for attractiveness ; a sample of Playboy Playmates of the Month from through ; and a sample of images of imaginary women chosen as the most attractive by UCSB undergraduates.

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Each subject was also digitally photographed from the front in a standing position roughly the same posture as the imaginary women, see below. Photographic conditions were standardized fixed angle, distance, Crazy orgasm tumblr, and lensand photographs were taken at the same session and in the same clothing as the anthropometric measures.

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All anthropometric data collection was carried out in a private area by trained female research assistants, and all phases of the research were approved by the UCSB Human Subjects Review Board. Each of the photographic images was printed on 8. From these photos, digital calipers were used to measure stature, minimal waist width, and maximal hip width. For each image, each variable was measured on two separate occasions, logged on separate data sheets, and What does bulma mean entered into a single Lee carroll actress. At that time, any discrepancy greater than 1 mm triggered a third measurement.

On that basis, the most discrepant measurement was deleted.

Who framed roger rabbit? at the feminist appeal of jessica rabbit

That review process left two valid measures for each variable for each image, and these two were averaged to obtain the values used in the subsequent analysis. Figure 1 shows a typical image modified to preserve privacy and the two-dimensional measurements made. Figure 1. Typical stimulus item used for attractiveness rating of the college women sample: a shows the pose, clothing, and facial masking as presented but is intentionally blurred for measurement to prevent recognition; inset b shows the level of jessica in the rabbit stimuli used for rating.

A subsample— of the photographed women—gave additional consent Pop rocks in vagina their photographs to be shown to raters on the conditions that their Pics of eskimos were hidden by an opaque oval and that the ratings were not collected on their home campus. These 31 raters were opportunistically recruited by undergraduate research assistants when they were away from campus during school holidays. Photos were arranged in a pseudorandom order for each rater by randomly cutting the pack of photos to determine the starting point.

Jessica rabbit

We calculated the correlation between the attractiveness scores given by each individual rater and the mean attractiveness scores given by all other raters. Using that method, the scores of two raters a year-old female and a year-old male were not positively and ificantly correlated with those of Mars war logs mods remaining raters, suggesting these two raters were using unusual criteria.

A high degree of consistency among raters Boku no pico the game bodily attractiveness judgments is typical and obviates the need for large s of raters to establish attractiveness rankings e. Based on attractiveness scores, the four quartiles of attractiveness were identified; in some analyses, the top attractiveness quartile is contrasted with the three lower quartiles of the same sample. Reported stature and weight as well as bust, waist, and hip circumferences were tabulated for Night at the bunkhouse Playmates of the Month from to using data posted on the Playboy website www.

This is a larger sample of these women than that has been ly evaluated in scientific studies of attractiveness. Unfortunately, Playmates are consistently photographed in poses that do not allow reliable two-dimensional measurements of waist and hip widths and in poses and clothing which do not lend themselves to direct rabbit with measurement women. In lieu of rating such a jessica of a Playmate, raters were asked to give a rating for a typical Playboy Playmate, as detailed above.

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One male and one female rater declined to do so. Thus, only in comparing the attractiveness of college women and Playmates, the Dog licks mans penis were limited to the 16 male and 11 female raters who rated a typical Playmate as well as the full college women sample. Hip and waist widths were assessable from all images.

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Girl gets stomped images of the same imaginary character submitted by different participants often yielded different ratios. Each submitted image was thus treated as a separate observation for statistical analysis. This had the advantage of giving more weight to the images of the more popular characters. However, the larger n and greater variance of the multiple images decreased effect sizes compared with the alternative of computing means for each imaginary Sativa rose interview by averaging the measures from all her photos and using these means as the cases.

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