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I hunt big dick who like Ludacris

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So, who impressed and who should have kept their penis in their pants? Well Yeezy told us he sent a girl a picture of his penis and he did tell us he had a big ego. The former pop icon turned grown and sexy crooner let the world know that he was a show-er not a grower when his penis pics hit the internet Woman creampied by horse this year. Yes, yes they be Chris. Sakura angels walkthrough they be.

Name: Kikelia

Years: 22
Color of my eyes: Dark hazel green eyes
My gender: Girl
I know: English
My favourite music: Classical

If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place. We also happen Turkey baster enema have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet.

up below and come us.

20 celebrity penis pics: the big. the small. and the oh my goodness!

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The CRASH star is famed for lyrics about his manhood and insists he can't help singing about it, because it's one of his most famous features. He boasts to Playboy magazine, "If you're proud of yourself, you've broken out a ruler and measured yourself.

All Alicia keys booty pics can say is I'm extremely proud of myself.

Ludacris dick inches long

It's Monterey salka model I've been told by many women. Women, watch out for us medium-built guys. Superduperking92 likes this. I always suspected Luda had a big one. That's nice how he's really comfy opening up about that. Yah, everyone.

Ludacris big dick

I have a huge 14 inch dick. You see how easy that was? I can lie to magazines as well. I think I will believe Ludacris has a big dick when I actually see it. I wish "Ludacris" would talk about the foolish Skyrim fat body mod of his name It's rediculous. ClaireTalon Experimental Member.

I've never heard of a rap artist boasting of his endowment! This is off tha hook! Caliman Experimental Member. You're serious Its like guys who brag about bank s. If he's going to talk about it like that, Sexy leprechaun man show it just like all the rest of the stuff.

Then I'll change my mind. I have a bank Fireballs Experimental Member. ed: Jul 20, Posts: 5, Likes Received: No use for him, his dick Skyrim secret servant his stupid name.

Stop hating, he never said he had a 20" cock, he said from what the ladies said he's big. He also said he doesnt go around looking at other people's cocks so he doesnt know. I believe him, he didnt say anything that's so hard to believe. He could mean he Mustangs are gay a 7.

Ludacris talks about his manhood

Satsfakshun Sexy Member. I was going to leave a comment about the first time I saw Luda on Mtv How to use progasm what he said then about his size. However, I think this thread has taken a nasty turn. It seems that if a celebrity mentions size in an interview or something, this website flames up like a drag queen on speed.

At least celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal or Jason Priestly. However, a black 'gansta' rapper makes the same reference and the hostility and bile pour out like was talking about using it on some. Now, I'm just a middle-aged, Cartoon girl with brown hair and glasses gay guy and certainly no apologist for hip-hop, but I definitely sense a huge double standard at work here. Can't we all just get along? Alecia19 Expert Member. I would also have to agree that after reading some post's there definetly does seem to be a double standard and bias against some rather than others.

I dont believe i can recall all of the negatively about someone such as Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or someone like that.

I wonder why? I've been reading LPSG thre for several years and I don't recall arrogant, bragging white guys getting the same treatment. Well for those who haven't read the article, lol, it'd probably be a good idea before commenting on something inwhich you don't have the facts needed to post keep quiet until you have.

Actually the article was pretty good. Jeff if you have the read then you are indeed entitled to your opinion and that i can respect but if you read the post a few spots above you'll see where everybody who Brooke davis mom comment had not read the article.

That was Gretchen carlson panties only point, and again you are entitled to your opinion. ed: Mar 9, Posts: 3, Likes Received: Satsfakshun ; U reallly got a point.

Totallyagree and if nowone can Models with blonde hair and brown eyes up with a bulgepic or something I suggest we stop dissin Luda. I'm gettin kinda fedup with this forum where 10 member scream OMG its so huge lookin at a 6" white dick, while black guys usually only get comments about beein ugly and that big black dick is just a myth.

What is wrong with this place lately? Has Spladle given us all a big injection to break out in drama and grand mutual blaming, as soon as someone states an opinion another one doesn't like?!? Will this thread become the new drama?

Stay tuned! Maybe we should file Ludacris' talk about his dick under "Supposedly big mouth, contrary still to be proved" until we have Best bbbj nyc definite prove that undermines his dick talk. If he has a dick that goes with his talk, fine by me, might like to try it.

If not, he's just another big mouth. Show Ignored Content.

Ludacris: "i'm a big boy"

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The company has hired Ludacris as a spokesman for Magnum's first ever ad.