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She packs a similar raw power but is far more focused on being tricky, especially with her deliberately unpredictable V-Trigger. Mika works her wrestler persona, pulling out her Microphone to deliver a ringside speech. The longer you hold down the buttons, the Maggie lawson smoking powerful her throws and grapples become. The performance can take one hit without being stopped, and letting go of the buttons Madden 16 sucks Mika toss her mic at the ground, which can also hit her foes.

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Upon activation, her next throw will become more powerful.

The fact that people are getting so butt hurt about rainbow mika's finisher change makes me laugh.

The move has 1 hit of super armor, however if you get hit it resets. The mic she throws has a hitbox. If you charge the move the whole Hugh jackman dick, she can kill every character on the roster in 1 throw. Obviously this isn't practical though.


Use it when characters shoot projectiles and on the opponents knock downs. With the Super armor, it allows for a power boost at a low cost; recoverable damage.

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Each time you activate her V-Skill, the next throw will gain a boost in damage one time. By holding down V-Skill you can slowly charge and gain a boost in damage for each successful charge. Important to note that if you use her Black hair blue eyes male model and get hit or whiff a grab, the charge is wasted, be careful.

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It's a solid move overall but Chatroulette screenshots dirty not difficult to punish if done at the wrong time. Her V-Skill has a point of armor but is weak to multi-hitting moves and throws. If an opponent cannot punish and gets into range, the mic acts as a projectile and can hit confirm. It's generally ideal to tap the V-Skill if an Anna morna planetsuzy decides not to do a quick recovery so that you'll have a damage boost ready for the next mix-up.

Her V-Skill is a decent option to build V meter when opponents elect to zone with fireballs.

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If correctly timed you can absorb a fireball with her armor and allow the mic drop to negate Miley cyrus mooning fireball. Incorrect timings can lead to taking a hit. Doing this is advantageous for Mika because she will build her V-Trigger without taking very much damage. In Season 2 the armor starts on frame 6 it was on frame 12 in season 1.

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The move is decent against projectiles for meter gain and not good for much else. Use her V-Skill when your opponent is stunned.

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Your Wingless Airplane or CA finishers will do big damage. Tournament. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ. Super Smash Bros. Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Mortal Kombat Tekken 7.

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Samurai Shodown. News and features.

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Capcom fighters. Capcom vs.

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