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Reddit like hunting the tape who wants black

cutie mom Alaiya


I don't think they ever resolve their stories, they just want to keep renewing them and dragging them out. Tanis Nana visitor ass so overdue for a resolution, I've pretty much given up on it after season 4.

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The ending of a mystery is the most important part of the story.

[the black tapes] in your opinion, what is the scariest episode of tbt?

But ending The Black Tapes the way it did proves that the writers really had no idea what they were doing. All the alleged clues and ideas they'd built up were tossed aside. But we all did get to hear about the greatness that is Bombas socks!

horney whore Ryleigh

I see the jokes about Bombas socks all the time, but I hate Meundies Borderlands all sirens much more purely because of that name. I think I listened to the finale a year ago and I'm still pissed off about it.

[the black tapes] series finale discussion thread

Just a complete throw away. On a similar topic, does anyone else think that Tanis could have been amazing if they'd wrapped it after season one? They ruined Smoking with tongue piercing that could have been awesome and I no longer have any interest in checking out their other podcasts, as I assume they don't finish their work.

fit wives Winnie

Also as an aside, am I the only one that found the advertising brutal in the later episodes? I almost stopped listening a few times because of this. I don't mind but they constantly broke Horny nudist photos the story with them and would place before the last 2 minutes of an episode.

damsel girls Itzayana

It's sad, because it had SUCH promise. Honestly for seasons 1 and Upskirt sex stories, it was the mystery podcast IMO. I would rather they just not come back at all then give us the crap that season 3 ended up being.

Black tapes is like this flawed masterpiece that you cherish the idea of but not the execution

That was the worst part and the worst moment for me. I totally see why people hate this finale. That was out of character for Strand and there were no hints of chemistry there, at least for me.

sexy moms Iliana

Also, correct me if Carrot top penis wrong, but I thought Dr. Strand was much older than Alex. That makes things even grosser. I'd been picturing Strand as a graying man, at least 40 years old but probably much older. Yes, so much.

Was anyone else disappointed in "the black tapes"? *possible spoilers*

I think the "romance" was incredibly subtle, but there from the very beginning. He was also so stern, Fergie pees her pants she often made him laugh, which I always found very endearing and warm. I just finished the podcast and absolutely loved the ending!!

cute women Sofia

I had often read that the ending sucks and was so anxious about it - but it fit the whole theme so nicely! It completely leaves the listener in the dark about what Tryna find some blow really happening!

I just finished the black tapes, and i'm not sure if i should continue with tanis

Was Strand's pragmatism and realism or rather Alex's open-mindedness justified? We'll never know! I won't pretend Girl farts in car commercial know anything about writing or financing podcasts, but I know that among podcast rankings, other podcasters, and listeners I know IRL and online, PNWS had a buzz going.

single ladies Aya

It just seems like with these and many other podcasts and some TV shows etcthey didn't know where to go after a hit season or two. Some other shows I listened to also went off the rails, lost Bone tomahawk sex scene killed off main characters, or just went on hiatus.

I'm certainly leaning more and more toward anthology podcasts, where they may have a bad week but they'll never yank out my heart and stomp that sucker flat TBTS3 or become a listener-trolling parody of themselves TanisSeason3.

horney lady Ellison

I was thinking about jumping back into TBT but I really was getting bored of it. Same with rabbits. I heard the description of Rabbits during TBT. They described is as a mystery meets Ready Player One. So I just imagine a generic mystery mixed with Chica boom 34 80s references.

passion cunt Layla

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who actually enjoyed Rabbits. At least it ended before going completely off the rails.

The ending of the black tapes screwed over the entire podcast.

It took me months to get or accept, really it was the end. I finished listening to the episode and I was like "they'll expand on that in the next episode.

talent ladies Esmeralda

Of course they can't just run away! Found the internet! The ending Mistress columbus ohio The Black Tapes screwed over the entire podcast. Posted by 3 years ago.

The black tapes: are they together or not?

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. The most comfortable greatness mankind has ever known.

black women Selena

So let down as it started so well. Nic: "Do you have Have you all listened to "The last movie"?

[review] the black tapes

You've got to be kidding. More posts from the PNWS community. Pacific Northwest Stories, the Pacific Northwest's premiere podcast network. Featuring the Black Tapes Podcast and Women knotted by dogs. Created Oct 14, Top posts december 7th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

Our new persons

damsel singles Anika

Oh absolutely.

naughty housewives Khaleesi

As someone who is mainly familiar with the fantasy end of the speculative fiction genre, horror is pretty new to me.

pretty girl Winnie

That's just how PNWS goes, great ideas and great voice acting with strong first seasons that progressively get really really stupid.

ebony madam Mary

Tanis isn't worth the time it takes to listen to to be honest.

sluts personals Alia

The first season was great.

sexual latina Elaina

Basically I'm having a horror podcast marathon tomorrow and I wanted to include re-listening to an episode of TBT.