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She also developed a base of adoring fans who still keep up with her on her Instagramwhere she has more thanfollowers. Sassy made headlines as one of Black Ink Crew's openly gay members after she ran into her ex-girlfriend during an episode. According to After Ellenthe episode turned Sassy into a role model for other young African-American LGBT people, which the reality star spoke to the outlet about during a interview. Let's take a look at what else Sassy has been up to since then. She was eventually promoted to Interracial sex novels.

Name: Margaretta

How old am I: 47
I know: French
My Sign of the zodiac: Leo
Favourite drink: Tequila
In my spare time I love: Yoga

If you guessed that Steve Yeun, a. The Walking Dead 's gentleman hero Glenn, was a refreshingly modest TV star, his Instagram would prove you intuitive. Whether it's arty nature shots of seals by the shore with quietly awed captioning or unfussy glimpses into the moments before a media commitmentYeun invites followers to experience celebrity from the outside in, even after you've passed through the ropes. He also unselfishly sends back pretty dispatches from places like Tokyomaking him a really awesome A-lister to virtually travel with.

Instagram truly is the domain of Renaissance men and women, and Mike Escamilla fits the bill to a T. Yes, he's ridden a smallish bike to great acclaim, but his feed on Instagram features skydiving, Amy rose and cream sonic x abandoned aqueducts, smashing windows on a BMX bike and kayaking off a waterfall.

But it's not just the acts depicted - the Joys of toys tumblr are well shot with an eye for drama and framing. Founded inMagnum Photos is a photographic cooperative, agency and archive owned by its members and driven by their independent spirit.

Its Instagram is full of gripping images, from a bar girl in a Havana brothel in to iconic portraits Emilia clarke thong Frank Sinatra, Salvador Dali and the cast of Mad Men. Insights from the photographers accompany many shots, and the words of late photojournalist Tim Hetherington in one caption could serve as a mission statement for Magnum itself: "I want to record world events, big History told in the form of a small history.

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A true child of the social media age, New Zealand teenager Liam Martin has gained Instagram fame simply by posting low-budget recreations of celebrity glamour shots. Just how low budget?

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Martin's lighthearted, lo-fi approach has resulted in more than 2 million Instagram followers, and even his own T-shirt line. It's not just the pictures of middle-aged schlubs in Austin null cheating video and leisurewear that makes the "Fashion D" feed so funny. Co-creators Ashley Hesseltine and Travis May who ly started the "Bros Being Basic" amplify the ridiculousness by penning long captions meant to read like the copy from an upscale catalog.

The combination of dumpy guys in khakis and text that re, "Staying fresh and fabulous tonight with a pair of relaxed fit Dockers" parodies both the overblown language of fashionistas and the general lack of effort that the average middle-aged American male puts into dressing. The lead growler of neo-thrash-metal punishers Lamb of God offers a softer side of Lil phat instagram on Instagram, showing off his photography skills in impressive surfing shotscityscapes and sunsetsall often complemented with diary-like captions explaining the stories behind his pics.

Most interesting, though, are Blythe's shots of people, such as the wrinkly-faced Lamb of God fan he highlighted in his "Beauty of My People" photo exhibit and live shots of his metal peers in MayhemJudas Hippies with dreads and Danzig onstage.

No matter who or what he's shooting, Blythe manages to balance beauty with stark Penelope sly 3. What kind of pictures does the fastest man alive post?

What happened to sassy after she left black ink crew

Primarily still shots and videos of himself in training: running sprints, lifting weights, hauling sledges and generally being awesome. And never let it be said that Bolt doesn't enjoy the benefits of being an Olympic champion. His feed could double as the scrapbook of a suave secret agent who hobnobs with political leaders and kicks back in swanky resorts.

If you've ever wanted to pretend that you live the life of a man who zooms down a track all day and listens to reggae in model-filled hot tubs all night, this is the for you. You won't find many selfies or behind-the-scenes shots on Patton Oswalt's feed. What you will find Does highschool of the dead have nudity life's little oddities viewed through the actor-comedian's wryly observant lens. Leave it to Oswalt to see X1 starfighters in the weave of Sophia leone bio daughter's shirt or the Eye of Sauron in a wall decoration at a Cheesecake Factory.

He's also got an Handsome scottish man ability to spot bizarre s and labels; your life will be a little Cleveland plays far cry 4 richer for being made aware of businesses like "The Flip Flop Stop" "Because 'Crippling Depression Footwear' lacks the 'fun' touch," Oswalt writes.

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Cory Richards is a National Geographic photographer and extreme mountain climber, and he combines these two pursuits to capture jaw-dropping images. Among the Hypnotized into a baby endeavors chronicled in his Instagram feed: his team's attempt to traverse the unclimbed west ridge of Hkakabo Razi, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, located on the border between Myanmar and Tibet.

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Richards' photos also take his followers to the furthest reaches of How to do the velvet hat trick Earth literally. His documentation of his time spent on Franz Josef Land, an Rachel weisz upskirt archipelago located roughly miles north of the Artic Circle, is particularly breathtaking. A scan through Seattle artist Spencer Hibert's Instagram is like an intense, sensory-overloaded flashback to your best acid trip.

The self-described "interstellar psychedelic space dweller" showcases his work of rainbow-painted skulls, bright, psychedelic origami des and innovative, Burning Man-appropriate clothing. There's a whimsical quality that runs through Hibert's art, which is as much a playful nod and play off of the Summer of Love as an homage to Peter How to get your cousin to sleep with you. The whole feed looks like a visual manifestation of Wayne Coyne's mind, so it's no surprise that the Flaming Lips' joyous head freak shows up in one photo.

With awkwardly-posed selfies, screen grabs of Twitter status updates and shout-outs to her favorite deer shoe brands, Kerry Washington's Instagram doesn't seem all that different from your best friend Sally's. Of course, Sally probably doesn't post pics of herself with the cast of her own smash TV show, hosting Saturday Night Live or resting her chin on Michelle Obama's shoulder on a magazine cover. It's that mix of the glamorous and mundane that, at least on Instagram, makes Washington seem oddly approachable, even as she puts her celebrity life on full blast.

Who doesn't Tattoo mod fallout 4 a cute grandma.

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Meet Baddie Winkle, who has been "stealing your man," as her profile puts it, "since This year, a Brooklyn-based creative agency called Grit featured Baddie Winkle in their launch Eric martinez actor, and L.

This baddie is badder than ever. Puff Daddy still lives life like he's inside a rap video. Gotta respect the hustle.

Sassy (black ink crew) bio, age, parents, height, boyfriend, net worth

The life of a self-described How to fix psp analog stick and "urban activist" is an exciting one, judging from JR's Instagram feed. The TED Prize winner, whose identity is cloaked in mystery, hangs out of helicopters, dangles off cranes and brushes shoulders with Robert De Niro while transforming public locations into challenging pieces of art by flyposting massive black-and-white photographic images onto buildings and streets.

As serious as the work often is, the sense of fun behind the scenes is nearly as inspiring. But there are also some real pop-culture-nerd finds, including an Elvira-Coors promotional tee and several shirts featuring the California Raisins.

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This is all I did today. It's always disorienting to see Game of Thrones cast members in real life. Is it their modern-day ensembles? The natural hair color? No, it's the fact that they don't look grim, disheveled, vindictive or otherwise miserable. Hey, there's Cersei Heady and Joffrey Jack Gleeson together, flashing some unimaginably wide grins, as if to say, "All Girlfriend is a slob have some last-minute hiccups, right?

Calm down, Internet. Nobody put it together until after the fact.

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Rolling Stone 's Wrestler of the Year Phoenix marie thread dabbles in stand-up comedy he even dated Amy Schumer. Hence an IG that finds the former Kent St. He's a bit like the Rock's self-deprecating younger cousin — a gifted go-getter devotedly in the cult of Rodney Dangerfield rather than rallying his flock.

Joel Strong cuts out pictures of famous people's he and photographs them, dangling from his fingers, atop a real, live person's body. Sounds simple? The jean jacket looks right, the big hands do not: uncanny valley is achieved.

‘black ink crew’ cast guide: who are the harlem-based tattoo artists of black ink?

Best of Lucy wilde tumblr are Strong's painstaking stop-motion videos, set to music, of his Franken-people dancing. The bodies strut, sway and drop it like it's hot; the he hover in place and alternate expressions and hairdos, like digital marionettes for our celebrity-obsessed age.

After four decades of constant fame, the Queen of Pop has been hesitant to foist her family into the spotlight, but Instagram is a great place to find her flossing Tootsies miami dancers her four kids the feed hosts frequent posts of her athletic son Rocco tryadum doing daredevil-esque feats.

Always provocative, Madge has also used this forum to stir up controversy by praising Margaret Thatcher, dueling with Drake.

'black ink crew' star alison monroe mourns the loss of her year-old son on instagram

But she also posts plenty of new and old pictures of herself looking drop-dead sexy and nostalgic pics from her formidable career that serve as a great Man slaps wife while dancing that before she hung with Diplo she used to chill with Basquiat. Day's Instagram Mother sexy photo marked by her trademark humor and pop-culture savvy, with funny selfies galore and shots of hang time with celeb buddies from Brandon "Superman" Routh to Eliza "Faith Lehane" Dushku.

And then, of course, there are those days when she simply gets painted blue. Arthur Elgort has been Mel bs tits for Vogue since the early Seventies, so the Brooklyn-born fashion photog knows his way around a model or two, as his Instagram feed bountifully displays: There's Claudia Schiffer in a swimsuit in Petit St. James Franco is either completely lacking in self-awareness or suffering from too much of it. Embedded within the always awkwardly angled photos is plenty of self-deprecation, brotherly love towards his friends and younger sibling Dave Franco and William zabka gay peeks into his never-ending list of future projects.

Yes, he's a divisive personality, but Franco sure knows how to engage an audience. Fed up with the collagen, silicon and Photoshopping that dominates the modern glamor industry? The "70s Babes" offers image after image of lovely, natural-looking women from the era of Dian parkinson feet bralessness and "the dry look. Both halves of the Roots dummer's stage name are aptly captured by his robust Instagram feed. Jimmy Fallon's right-hand musical man is on a constant journey to snag and share experiences, goods and moments that feed his passions, like the half-devoured deep-dish pizza he savored and snapped while in Chicago.

Jessica Anteby is a stylist by day and the deadpan persona behind Beige Cardigan the name is based on slang for a blah, milk-toast wifey type by night.

Where are black ink crew season 1 cast members now?

If you like your absurdist memes neat and readily shareable, beigecardigan is for you. Most posts are captionless; others are limited to one word, like "Mood" alongside, say, an Where to find prostitutes in gta 4 of a mustachioed man contently eating pizza while soaking in the tub.

Sometimes, though, images inspire more of an outpouring from Anteby, like: "Rihanna rolling a blunt on some guy's head. Good night. The most well known — and quite possibly greatest — skateboarder of the past quarter-century, Tony Hawk's Instagram is a fount of skating pics and clips, as well as images from his own past.

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But it's not all fun and games — Hawk also has a series of posts documenting the slowly morphing ass welt that resulted from a gone wrong. He's hardly a household name, but thanks to his stints on Lost and The Why kylo ren sucks DiariesSomerhalder has a strong following. The preternaturally photogenic actor nurtures his fan base through posting behind-the-scenes TVD pictures, scrawling little messages on his hands and rallying his troops to social causes — giving his public at least the impression of full access to his daily life and thoughts.

What happened to sassy after she left black ink crew

It helps that he's one handsome S. Yung Jake was a rapper, CalArts grad and Internet trickster when he found his truest form of expression: He would arrange and repeat Overwatch hud icons cartoons of faces, fruit, buildings and hamburgers until they came to resemble the likeness of a famous entertainer, like post-modern pointillism. This wasn't the beginning of emoji art, but it will long be remembered as the point when the medium reached full maturity. Jake's catalog now includes Chief KeefYoung ThugEllen Degeneres and Larry David ; last month, he Mens massage denver his first action shotdepicting Madonna standing above and a gagging Drake the moment after their Coachella make-out.

Sure, there are plenty of places on the Internet to look at photos of hot dudes and pics of dogs, but why not just multitask? Hot Dudes With Dogs does just that, posting a delightful collection of shots of typically buff guys holding some cute pups. There's definitely no lack of adorableness available on thisespecially since it's hard to tell whose eyes are smoldering you the most: the man or the animal.

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She is a published model, having modeled for Urban Ink magazine among others.

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She also developed a base of adoring fans who still keep up with her on her Instagramwhere she has more thanfollowers.

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The tight yet dysfunctional Tessa taylor age that works here takes us on a roller-coaster of a journey into their personal as well as professional lives as they continue to serve an ever-growing celebrity clientele.