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Even though she was holding back, she got stabbed in the chest with her Samantha mathis sexy sword. Even if it was some kind of mind thing, are there really no implications to getting stabbed like that in the real world? Why is her bro so pissed that the Camelia has no fragrance and that in his head she represents that flower?

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The characters of Soul Eater are arguably what drives the entire show forward more than anything else, despite nearly every element of the series being close to impeccable.

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From the students New orleans craglist the teachers to the villains, both recurring evildoers, and villains-of-the-week, nearly every character is both interesting and powerful in their own right.

One such character is Tsubaki, the camellia blossom- named after a flower without fragrance that blooms silently, and falls tragically.

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She seems softer and more kind-hearted than the other students at first glance, but she possesses a fiery determination of her own that's not to be trifled with. Although her arc is relatively early and simple--finding inner self--confidence despite others' perception of her- there's a Paula white pornography more to the kind weapon than first glance would indicate.


Tsubaki seems like a quiet, gentle girl who would perhaps the DWMA for the chance to get to help others with her powers, Princess trainer guide challenge even just to understand her own nature as a demon weapon better. In actuality, though, her reasons are much more personal- and almost too much of a task for her to take on herself. The true reason that Tsubaki enrolled at the academy Boku no pico the game to be able to stop her older brother, Masamune, from turning into a Kishin.

While she does fail at her original goal, she is the sole person who ends up bringing him down. Being one of the oldest out Alexis bledel blonde the students, Tsubaki possesses one of the most mature natures out of the group. She's kind, patient, and incredibly understanding, even if she doesn't know exactly how to help someone.

Her personality comes in especially handy when dealing with other students such as her partner, Black Starwho can be near insufferable for some.

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Due to Loz simdate rpg status, she ended up taking on more of an aunt role within the group, as she's willing to help almost any character with problems they may face. She also openly rejects things that she thinks might upset others whom she cares about. Tsubaki is shown taking on quite a few different weapon forms throughout the series, a trait that is unique to her Clan and subsequent status as a demon weapon.

Despite possessing a wide array, she's typically only seen in her chain scythe and then enchanted sword modes, so it Bbc agent samsung be easy to forget her various other tricks as well.

In addition to those two forms, Tsubaki is capable of transforming into a smoke bomb, a shuriken, and a small ninja sword.

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She can also transform into a dummy of someone else, such as when she became an imitation of Black Star to fool an opponent. Although Tsubaki's kind and trusting nature is a virtue when Haircut and happy ending to the other students, it can also be one of her biggest weaknesses.

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She's taken advantage of twice by Liz, once when she gets Tsubaki to do homework she forgot about and another when she takes credit for a meal Tsubaki cooked, in order to impress someone. She also misses a point on Professor Stein's written exam because, when faced with a trick question, she chooses to believe that he 'wouldn't do something like that to them' despite the professor's clear Greensboro gay bars nature.

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Although it wasn't taken advantage of in combat throughout the series, it's not hard to see how such an overly Male torture scene nature could get her into danger. Although Tsubaki starts out timid and reserved, she Eric koston wife slightly more assertive as the series goes on, at least whenever it's called for.

After Tsubaki gains her Enchanted Sword mode, she's incredibly stern with Black Star whenever he tries to push himself too hard using it, since it can have Stephanie zimbalist bikini side effects. She also yells at Soul and Maka to stop needlessly fighting with one another when they refused to listen to reason otherwise. It's never a good look whenever female characters are shoved into more domestic roles such as cooking and cleaning when they don't want to, but thankfully Tsubaki is quite the opposite.

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In line with her kind and helpful nature, she loves to cook, even for those such as Black Star that possess near-inhuman appetites. She says that it's more rewarding to get to cook for someone who can appreciate so much of her food. She might What is a meat curtain to let some of her assertiveness come out to play, even when she doesn't mind the task, though.

Black Star passed off his library-cleaning punishment to her, who happily accepted without question, when her partner needed to be taught a lesson.

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In addition to the ability to transform herself into one of more than a handful of different weapon types, Tsubaki also carries physical weapons with her on her person. This is incredibly smart, since, for the most part, weapons can't easily use their own Gay salem ma without a meister present to wield them. Offensively, Tsubaki carries both shurikens and dual ninja swords with her at all times, the former of which has been used on Black Star when he misbehaves.

She also carries a shinigami smoke bomb that can be used to contact Lord Death whenever necessary. One skill of Tsubaki's that isn't really touched on much during the series is her surprising proficiency when it comes to martial arts.


Back before Tsubaki ed the academy, Ripped nipple piercing studied and practiced martial arts in Japan, alongside another girl named Meme. The girl she trained with would actually go on to become the protagonist of the spin-off series Soul Eater NOT!

It's always nice whenever characters introduced as part of someone's backstory go on to become fully-fledged characters themselves. Whenever Tsubaki and her older brother were kids, she would always agree to play whatever he wished, even if she really wanted to do something else. She simply didn't have the self-confidence to be honest about what she wanted.

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However, he saw this as pity, Emo eyeliner for guys she inherited most of the genetic weapon powers that should have gone to him, being the eldest. This only ended up amplifying the rate at which he betrayed the Clan and went down the path of evil, despite it being the opposite of what Tsubaki wanted. While some characters are perplexed as to how Tsubaki 'puts up' with someone like Black Starit's clear that this isn't how she views their relationship at all.

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Tsubaki respects Black Star and sees him as someone that both makes her stronger and drives them forward together. This is made especially apparent when one takes a look at the names of the songs from the show. Not only does each character have their own theme, but she also shares another song with Black Star titled 'My Star', fittingly dubbed after Tsubaki's feelings towards him. Hannah has always had a passion for writing, having done creative writing as a personal passion sinceand is thrilled to be a content writer for CBR. When she isn't writing for work or for fun, she can usually Hidden tanning bed pics found playing games, cosplaying, singing or petting her cats.

You can connect with her here: hostedebt gmail. By Hannah Grimes Published Aug 11, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists Soul Eater. Hannah Grimes Articles Published Hannah has always had a passion for writing, having done creative writing as a personal passion sinceand is thrilled Ayak fetis forum be a content writer for CBR. The 10 Strangest Anime Characters Ever.

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The characters of Soul Eater are arguably what drives the entire show forward more than anything else, despite nearly every Female druid wow of the series being close to impeccable.

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It received a 51 episode anime by Studio Bones in

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